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Before you get into the nuts and bolts you might well be asking yourself –who are we and what is this exactly?! If you still aren’t sure, then do have a look at what some others have said – including RED magazine, Psychologies magazine, The Sunday Times magazine and a whole host of very happy couples.

For the online courses, we have taken all the best elements of our Devon retreat and our London day and combined them together to make our new online courses. Both our Part 1 and our Part 2 are available as an online option.


What you will get from the course

  • Four sessions of live expert coaching for 90 minutes, once a week for four weeks.
  • It will run from 8-9.30/10pm every Sunday evening.
  • Q&A throughout the session in the chat room.
  • 30 minutes of live Q&A at the end of each session.
  • Each session will be recorded so you can watch later if the timing doesn’t work for you.
  • The best tools for couples, all completely adaptable to work with any relationship, regardless of age, gender or beliefs.
  • Practical ‘take away’ exercises each week, which will be inspiring and fun.
  • Anonymity but with community.
  • A unique opportunity to transform your relationship


The up and coming dates for this are:

Part 1: March 7th – 28th, September 5th – 26th 2021

Part 2: November 7th – 28th 2021.

Like all the work we do, our course and our materials are aimed at any couple who are in a long-term relationship and want to make it work. Whatever your age, sexuality, ethnicity or belief system, we have the tools to meet you where you are at.

These last months have been hard on many relationships, and this could be one great way to try to find your way back to each-other. We provoke some deep questions but ultimately try to have the focus on finding the good, having fun, and deepening your understanding of one another.

“It was very much an insight into understanding different personality types and values, rather than a “marriage counselling” course. No open discussion which was a relief! Very progressive."

Part 1

This first course aims to start by looking at the foundations of your relationship. Taking it back to basics. Who are you? How do you relate to one another? How are you choosing to spend your time, your energy, your money? What are your priorities? What direction are you heading in? We introduce the idea of personality types, not a new concept, but by applying the principles and the learning, directly to your relationship it can have amazing results.

In Part 1, you will be delving into:

  • Personality types*.
  • Reflecting on your own and your partner’s’ personality profile.
  • Examining your strengths and challenges. How you show up at your best and under stress.
  • Learning how to navigate these similarities and differences.
  • Learning to celebrate and bring the best out in one-another.


  • Desire.
  • Hearing from the expert Esther Perel talking about how to sustain desire for the long term.
  • Asking the questions – what turns you on and what turns you off.


  • Your Values.
  • Playing our own fantastic game to help determine what your core values really are.
  • Exploring who you are as individuals, and who you are together.
  • Working together on how to weave these values into your life going forward.

*There will be a quick personality profile test to complete before the course starts.

Part 2

The all new Part 2 course provides an exciting opportunity to build on your initial learning and experience at One:Retreat. Take time to go deeper and further develop the knowledge and skills that will enable you to have the best relationship that you can. Here are some of the key themes and topics:

  • Personality, Communication, Conflict & Languages of Love
  • Build on your understanding of each other’s personalities – including an exploration of your differences in communication and conflict styles and how best to reach each other.
  • Discover how you best give and receive love and affection by understanding your different ‘languages of love’.
  • Consider the ‘stories that you tell yourself about yourself’ and examine how these might be impacting on your relationship with your partner.


  • Trust, Balance & the Wheel of Life
  • Explore some of the research on how to build trust and emotionally connect with your partner…. and then put it into practice!
  • Complete a guided review of your ‘wheel of life’ – choosing to focus on the areas relevant to you and your values (e.g. health, finance, parenting, work, leisure, friendship, family, etc.).
  • Examine your current priorities and identify the changes that you want to make together.


  • Sex & Desire
  • Build on the theme of desire with a specific focus on you sex life.
  • Explore how to maintain a strong sexual connection with each other over the long term.
  • Reflect on the similarities and differences in your sexual temperaments and the contexts that make for good sex for you.
  • Consider what accelerates your sexual arousal and what puts the brakes on.
  • Think about what might make you prickly!

The way it works

  • You can book, pay and join our private Member Zone. It will highlight on the first page which course you are signing up for. Make sure it is the right one!
  • Once in the member zone you will be able to download and print all the materials and resources needed for each weekly session, as well as a guide as to how to get the most out of your time together with us.
  • In the days, or weeks, before the course starts you’ll be asked to complete a 15-minute personality profile. It’s quick but extremely effective.
  • You’re all set!




“TIME to focus on just us. Where we are, how to close that gap that has formed”
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