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What does a typical weekend look like?

For both Part 1 and the second, follow-up course, we strive to make the weekend special, magical, and as relaxed as you can be. We want you to switch off from daily home life and feel cared for. We have broken down the timings for both retreats below.

Outside of the fixed sessions, you are welcome to book in a private slot with one of the team at any point during the weekend. Everything you share is in confidence, so that you can relax in lovely surroundings, knowing you are in a safe, discreet space. 

*We take care of everything in the sessions where you join us, but outside of that, the idea is that you are responsible for:

  • both your evening meals,
  • bringing any ‘special’ drinks you might like.
  • Sunday lunch for after the weekend comes to a close.
  • planning/booking the activities you choose to do in your free time.


We will help to guide you in all these things, before you come, with a menu of local options. Breakfast ingredients from your own menu choice, will be provided in your apartment for a sterling start to your day.

If you have any questions at all about your retreat please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

“We were very impressed that the team gave us space to work, but were on hand if/when we needed help.”

Part 1

This first course aims to start by looking at the foundations of your relationship. Taking it back to basics. Who are you? How do you relate to one another? How are you choosing to spend your time, your energy, your money? What are your priorities? What direction are you heading in? We introduce the idea of personality types, not a new concept, but by applying the principles and the learning, directly to your relationship it can have amazing results.

Friday evening

17.00 Arrival from now, into your apartment/treehouse.

18.15 Cocktails and Canapes all together. Welcome/introductions/the story.

19.15 The night to yourselves*


10.00 Personality

  • Reflecting on your own and your partner’s’ personality profile.
  • Examining your strengths and challenges. How you show up at your best and under stress.
  • Learning how to navigate these similarities and differences.
  • Learning to celebrate and bring the best out in one-another.


11.15 Break – Coffee/tea/fruit/cake.

11.30 Personality (continued)

13.00 Lunch Served in the Ballroom/taken outside, all together.

13.40 Break for your own afternoon adventures.

17.30 Desire.

  • Hearing from the expert Esther Perel talking about how to sustain desire for the long term.
  • Asking the questions – what turns you on and what turns you off.

19.00 The night to yourselves*


09.30 Values

  • Playing our own fantastic game to help determine what your core values really are.
  • Exploring who you are as individuals, and who you are together.
  • Working together on how to weave these values into your life going forward.


10.45 BreakCoffee and cake.

11.30 Future dreams – a vision exercise.

13.00 Close.

“It enabled some discussions that we have struggled to have, due to not understanding our personality differences. THANK YOU”.

Part 2

The all new Part 2 course provides an exciting opportunity to build on your initial learning and experience at One:Retreat. Take time to go deeper and further develop the knowledge and skills that will enable you to have the best relationship that you can. Here are some of the key themes and topics:

Friday evening

17.00 Arrival from now, into your apartment/treehouse.

18.15 Cocktails and Canapes all together. Welcome/introductions/the story.

19.15 The night to yourselves*


Morning: breakfast made by yourselves in your apartment from ingredients you have pre-chosen.

10.00 The Sound Relationship Theory, Trust & Emotional Attunement.

  • Explore some of the research on how to build trust and emotionally connect with your partner…. and then put it into practice!


11.15am Tea/Coffee/Cake/Fruit Break

11.30 Personality, Communication & Languages of Love

  • Build on your understanding of each other’s personalities – including an exploration of your differences in communication and conflict styles and how best to reach each other.
  • Discover how you best give and receive love and affection by understanding your different ‘languages of love’.
  • Consider the ‘stories that you tell yourself about yourself’ and examine how these might be impacting on your relationship with your partner.


12.45 Lunch served in the Ballroom

17.30 Sex & Desire.

  • Build on the theme of desire with a specific focus on you sex life.
  • Explore how to maintain a strong sexual connection with each other over the long term.
  • Reflect on the similarities and differences in your sexual temperaments and the contexts that make for good sex for you.


19.30 The evening to yourselves*


Morning: breakfast in your apartment.

09.30–10.45 Resolving/handling conflict.

10.45am Tea/Coffee/Cake/Fruit Break

11.00 -12.15 Attunement & Wheel of Life activity

  • Complete a guided review of your ‘wheel of life’ – choosing to focus on the areas relevant to you and your values (e.g. health, finance, parenting, work, leisure, friendship, family, etc.).
  • Examine your current priorities and identify the changes that you want to make together.


12.15- 12.45 Bringing everything together.

12.45-13.00 Close.


Where you’ll stay

Pickwell Manor nestles amidst rolling fields, just half a mile from the beautiful North Devon coast, near the glorious, sandy beaches of Putsborough and Woolacombe. It’s 15,000 square feet of 10th century manor house, which has been sympathetically converted into 10 holiday apartments.

It is owned by two families: the Bakers and the Elliotts, who took over the manor in 2008. Susannah Baker and Richard Elliott are two of the facilitators on the weekend.

As a guest of One:Retreat, you’ll have an entire apartment to yourselves. Your own kitchen, bathroom and lounge to kick-back in and relax. *For a small premium you are welcome to book one of our two stunning Treehouses, as an extra bonus of the weekend.

Take a look at Pickwell Manor’s website to find out more about where you’ll be staying.

If you have any questions at all about your retreat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

“10/10 Fantastic!”

What it costs

“All of it was well received, useful and thought provoking”

£350 per person to stay in an apartment. *If choosing to stay in a treehouse, it is £450 per person for the weekend (subject to availability).

This includes: A sumptuous self-catering apartment/treehouse all to yourselves for a two-night stay and expert relationship guidance…

As well as delicious cakes; a continental breakfast; ingredients for a cooked breakfast – one on each morning; a creative lunch on Saturday; drinks, including cocktails, on Friday and Saturday evening; and all the drinks you would need for the meals that we provide.

*We recognise that for some, the cost could be prohibitive. Please do not let this prevent you from contacting us. We are very open to payments by monthly installments. Just email

If you recommend our retreat to a couple they will be entitled to a 20% discount and you, yourselves, will be rewarded with a 20% discount on our follow-up One:Retreat 2.0


Where are we?

+44 (0) 12 7189 0110

Pickwell Manor
EX33 1LA

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